The Best Blender for Crushing Ice

If you’re looking for the top blender to crush ice, you’ve probably heard it’s the Vitamix 5200 as well as Blendtec Total Blender Blendtec Total Blender aren’t just the top blenders to crush the ice, but also two of the most powerful blenders ever made. The fact is in regards down to crushing the ice, you require a blender that offers two features: a sturdy motor as well as finely-crafted robust blades. The decision from Blendtec and the Vitamix as well as Blendtec Blendtec as the top blender for crushing ice can be not an easy task, but there are certain advantages and features that could influence your decision as well as the blender’s ice-crushing capabilities.



If power was the sole aspect to consider when choosing the best blender to crush ice, this Blendtec Total Blender would clearly take the lead. With an industrial-grade motor which is rated at 1560 WATTS There’s no food item that you can use this blender for that it can’t manage. This includes big and uneven pieces of frozen ice. Thanks to the strength of Blendtec you can easily crush enough ice to create any frozen drinks or desserts that you want however, it’s quite noisy. In the commercial kitchen or in a bakery, this shouldn’t be a problem in the home, but in other environments that are quiet, it could be. But the Blendtec is still at the top of the list as the best blender to crush ice, not just because of its amazing strength and performance, but because it comes with an automated cycle feature that lets you add ice the blender, set the timer and leave it- the Blendtec will stop automatically when it has completed the cycle!



Its Vitamix 5200 has been considered the top blender Best Personal Blender for frozen fruit  to crush ice by numerous kitchen chefs over over 30 years. While it may be slightly less powerful than the Blendtec with 1380 WATTS, it’s motor in the Vitamix is able to spin at an astounding 242 miles an hour making sure that any ice that is crushed gets crushed in a matter of seconds. Furthermore the Vitamix comes with heavy-duty manual controls that provide the most precise precision available that you can find. Although it doesn’t offer the automatic cycles Blendtec does, it is quieter. Blendtec does, it’s significantly quieter, which means you won’t have to leave your kitchen while the appliance is performing its job!



When you’re looking at the best blender for crushing ice the warranty you receive is vitalparticularly if you plan to make use of the blender to regularly crush a large amount of frozen ice. The Blendtec has a stronger motor as well as one of the best industry warranties that lasts for 3 years for the motor and the base as well as a lifetime warranty for Blade assembly. The Vitamix is more peaceful and comes with a remarkable 7 year guarantee that covers all the cost of parts, labor, and shipping!



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