By | May 29, 2023

A wilderness survival gear should include a survival kit. An ideal wilderness survival kit can support 1 person for at least 3 days. The ideal survival kit contains emergency foodstuff. Water, shelter, light, signal devices, first aid kit and other needed supplies needed to survive in the wilderness until rescue is at hand. An ideal survival kit should keep you alive in at and help you get to a safer place or location. It should keep you from being cold, hungry or helpless.

Essentially, the first item in your wilderness survival kit is a survival pack that contains a compass, signal mirror, a mini rescue flash, a slim whistle, windproof and waterproof matches, a blanket, a basic fishing kit and a duct tape. These are the essential survival pack that you must have when you plan to be out hiking in the wilderness.

Other more specific wilderness survival gear inclusions are as survival food kits follows: materials for shelter which include your vehicle or car, tent and sleeping bag, fire starting materials aside from waterproof matches such as fire sticks, emergency tinder and a magnesium fire starter. Included also in the first aid kit are some tissue packs for sanitation and cleaning of items or materials. Food stuff like food bars that are not thirst-provoking with enough calories for your needed energy and sustenance for the rest of the days that you might get lost is emphasized. It should be noted that these survival foods are specially made that will expire in as much as 5 years. Some added equipment such as a folding shovel for digging, a metal cup for boiling or cooking aside from drinking, candles, a sewing kit, multi-functional knife, a cutting saw, and snare wires for securing tents or lashing and a backpack with many pockets and a lot of space for materials and equipment.

Going out to the wild and camping in the wilderness does not only entail the many things and items mentioned here for to complete your wilderness survival gear but also getting familiar with the these items and its use or uses. Also, do not be too dependent that because you have a complete survival gear you can get lost anytime. Of course, in order to enjoy your trip to the wild it is always recommended to always be on the safe side. These kits and equipments in your survival gear are meant for emergency purposes only. Finally, getting a map or familiarizing with the trail and trail signs is another helpful tip that can help avoid getting lost. Modern as we are today, sporting those GPS watches or other GPS activated gadgets that can be traced are also a great help that you will be rescued immediately. This way you will not only enjoy your trip but also have a memorable relaxing experience with nature.

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