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A bathroom shower curtain has gone beyond the mere functionality aspect it offered for curtailing the splashes of water and its effects on near by items in the bath. It has now become reason enough to be bought for bath aesthetics and its own beauty, given the fact that there is such a wide range in fabrics, styles and patterns for shower curtains. It would be quite in keeping with the new eagerness of makeovers, as shower curtains can do just that – in an instant!

Types of shower curtains

Shower curtains are available in a variety of colors and materials today and can be custom designed to suit eclectic to elegant tastes or bought off the rack from wide-stocking departmental stores for the more acceptable common folk, but this does not limit their choice as shower curtains can be anything you want them to be: simple, bold, abstract, vintage, floral, striped and masculine with as many styles and colors to tempt you and yours. The popular materials for shower curtains are vinyl, fabric, terry cloth and plastic and most require a liner, which hangs from the rod and goes inside the bath or shower; the purpose being to keep the water inside and offer a degree of protection to the shower curtain by keeping it dry, thus giving it durability. There are many innovations in this design center catering to bath curtains and those for the shower have multiple choices for homeowners which are reflective of their personal taste, like ones that can have favorite memories captured through snapshots reproduced on the curtain, artworks and leisure interests symbolically represented – be it car racing, rugby or cooking. There are some companies that offer anti-bacterial shower curtains and for the glitter brigade, there are ones with designs that are highlighted with sparkling paint to reflect over the bath water.

Maintenance of shower curtains

Caring for your shower curtain is simple and all that needs to be done on a regular basis is wiping it after every use to keep it dry and cleaning and spraying it with a disinfectant periodically to keep off bacteria, fungus, mildew and other harmful germs.

Shower curtain hooks:

It is a well-established fact that shower curtains and bath ensembles all go a long way in decorating a bath and enhancing the mood of this very personal room. But, what is less understood is that there are many ways to further beautify these very add-ons and showcase them in a more attractive light, than ordinarily used means: like the use of unique and exclusive shower curtain hooks, which are all the rage today.

Types of shower curtain hooks

While most shower curtains are machine made and in the manufacturing process, have grommets fitted into them so the homeowner velcro products can put it up with ease on expanded metal rods or wires, the average shower curtains come with oval, oblong or circular hooks on them, made of durable plastic in a variety of colors to match the prints of the shower curtain. These shower curtain hooks can also be purchased from local departmental stores separately, if a contrast is required or a special touch needed for ornamentation. There are Flex-on loops available too and these are a good option for all those that love to indulge in a bit of crafting and sew their own shower curtains, as these loops come with comprehensive instructions on how to attach them on to the shower curtain after stitching is done, mostly, by a simple snapping on action.

Shower curtain hooks can be a unique decorating solution

There are shower curtain hooks made of resin, which used to be imported from Asian countries earlier, but are now available easily in a variety of textures and materials, with unique designs and symbols on them, in glazed and glitter finishes too. The spirit of the wild, wild West can be captured in some shower hooks with symbols like the sheriff’s badge, star-shaped spurs and little cowboy hats made on the shower curtain hooks, in sturdy metal. Usually, manufacturers of these exclusive items, have specially crafted molds for these and one can order them online as well, provided it is for a certain minimum quantity. At times, there are options of having the shower curtain hooks in tune with the prints on the curtain, for example, the use of floral shaped hooks on a flowery print shower curtain definitely goes a long way to grab attention and make a unique style statement.

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