By | December 28, 2022

When it comes to learning the keyboard, the first option for many people is to look for a private instructor right away. While there is nothing wrong with this, there are actually better alternatives out there which beginners can start exploring first. One of them comes in the form of home study courses available on the internet, simply because of its affordability, convenience and in some cases, its risk-free nature.


Online keyboard courses often cost around $50 and the whole course comes with all the necessary materials to start learning the keyboard. The good ones will even provide video demonstrations that work no differently than a keyboard teacher. Compare the price to the rate of group keyboard lessons (about $30 an hour) and private instructor ($100 an hour), online courses are absolute bargains.


Many of the home study courses that can be bought online delive a course in miracles  r their products electronically. This means materials are usually downloadable or accessible via the company websites which allows you to reach the materials whenever you have an internet connection. If you take group keyboard classes, most of the time you have travel especially to attend, but the convenience provided by the online courses mean that your learning does not have to stop when you do not have a class on.

Risk-Free Investment

It is highly unlikely for you to get a successful refund from a music school if you progress is not satisfactory by your expectation. Imagine getting assigned to a poor keyboard teacher who cannot teach, the most you can ask for is probably a transfer, but the money you paid for the previous lessons would have gone down the drain. Some online courses, however, provide full money back guarantee if you do not find their products to be useful.

This is an important feature for beginners learning the keyboard as they may not buy the right product the first time round. Unlike the case of the keyboard instructor when you stand to lose precious money, you will only have wasted a little bit of your time as you go through the keyboard course you bought online.


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