By | August 6, 2022

To compete with other companies in the market, camera makers are forced to make new models with different features like HD video, built-in projectors etc. and are made to sell their models even in small niches. It is up to you to choose the good ones. It is very imperative to choose good quality camera lens. Don’t think that you can take the best picture using an expensive camera lens, as the person taking the picture is also responsible for this. Lens is the vital element in a camera. Most of you buy digital camera without examining the lens in it. Camera is just a holder of the photograph, through your lens only you can see the shots and can make a sharp picture out of it. Because of this, you should give more importance to your lens than your camera.

Always, make sure that you buy a very good camera lens as well as the camera. In some cases, it is not likely to change the camera lens. So, for eternity go in for a good digital camera with the best lens. It is prudent to go for glass lens rather than plastic lens.

Keep on buying camera lens from renowned manufacturers, as they are more unswerving. Ensure that the lens you buy suits your camera, because some cameras are restricted to specific lenses. Before going for lens purchase, you should be aware of its types. The focal length of a lens is the measure of magnification and the view angle the lens supports. Focal length determines the type of lens and is measured in mm. Wide angle lens offers less magnification and wide view angle with a focal length of 20mm to 35 mm. Traditional lens provides a focal length of 50mm with normal magnification.

Telephoto lens proffers a focal length from 105 mm to 300 mm, high magnification and narrow angle of view. Zoom lens bids a focal length between 50mm to 150 mm and it alters its focal length while zooming in. According to your need and affordability, you can choose the lens. Zoom lenses are largely preferred these days. A few lenses can be interchanged between digital camera and film camera. But you should take into consideration the effective focal length between the digital and film cameras. The focal length of the film camera should be multiplied by 1.6 to get the focal length of digital camera.

Forever prefer a longer zoom lens rather than going for more mega pixels. Usually people go for more pixels so that they can crop the photo to obliterate the unwanted things surrounding the required subject. A longer optical zoom helps to zoom the subject alone in the frame which minimizes cropping. Try to avoid digital zooming wherein the software installed in the camera crops the picture. It is better to modify or crop pictures after making them available on PC. Sundry camera models have different lenses in them.

Ultra-compact models help to take quick nikon mirrorless cheap lens snapshots at any condition. They are pocket-sized. Compact cameras are always seen with larger zoom lens and also with several other features like automatic and intelligent scene selection. Super zoom models are larger in size and can magnify 20X or more. They have their own built in lenses having 500 mm zoom equivalent to a wide angle of 28mm or more, without troubling the photographer to lug several lenses. They also have assorted SLR features like aperture size, shutter speed etc. SLR model swaps over lenses in order to achieve more control over the image. Some models like super zoom are not exactly Single Lens Reflex model, even though they possess some features like SLR features. Predominantly, the costlier the lens the better it is. Because, the pricey lenses have more glass elements in them.

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