By | February 28, 2023

Facebook has become the internet marketer’s choice social media site!

Getting friends and keeping them is not as easy as it is made out to be. I found that making friends was easy, go to the add sites and ask people to add you and you add a couple and away you go. If it was that easy every one would be doing it. Let’s face it with all the scares out there about identity theft and making friends on Facebook has become more difficult.

I do not know about you but if I can not see who I am connecting with I do not accept the friend request, all these people that have celebs faces or mr universe, who are they and why are they trying to hide what they look like, I am not on here for a dating service I want to connect with real people. Have a nice picture of you with your family or just one of you with a nice car or in an exotic location will help. If they do not have a picture they are probably not serious about Facebook so they will not participate as much.

When you send in your friend request send a little note like “Hi Kim, we are members of the same group and I wanted to connect with like minded people” or “Hi Kim Facebook recons we should be friends and who am I to argue” (I use this one when I am being to lazy to go to groups and add friends that are more targeted to my niche)

Facebook monitors your friend requests and will shut you down if you grow your friend list too fast so I would recommend only sending between 20-30 Facebook friend requests a day. You do not want to have your account closed down and loses all that hard work.

You will also get some friend requests as your friend list grows. When this starts happening you must thank them for their friendship and build a relationship from day one. Let them know about you and even direct them to your personal website. This should not be a lead capture page just a site about you and what you do. You have now started to build the know, like and trust element of the relation ship.

Your personal information should be current and inviting. It is no good having a TV show that has not seen prime time in a couple of months/years and have a list of all your chrome extension sites or blogs available for people to look at, great way to drive traffic is to keep changing them and Facebook will notify your friends that you have updated your personnel information.

Status updates, this is very important. People do not want to know what you have for lunch everyday – OK so maybe some do. Tell them interesting things about what you are doing and how you would be able to help them. Tell them about your blog post what you are up to and put ion some useful links. Now I did mention the useful links, do not push your products here to much or you will looses friends. Use the 1-10 rule so for every 9 updates you can make your tenth a link to your offer.

You will need to go online at least 3 times a day making comments on wall post and status updates, changing your status and thanking people for connecting with you.

Remember treat your Facebook friends how you would like to be treated, posting your opportunity all over your friends wall will not help you. This is a social network, network and get a good group of responsive friends.

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