By | November 18, 2022

Helping two people to meet and then see their relationship grow and become  Business in Ukraine  serious and then turn into marriage with children is one of the most pleasant things in the world. Many men who become our clients are really successful and intelligent people, have their own businesses, great jobs, but missing Love! Men in Ukraine here are so spoiled with the beauty of women, that they don’t really value it a lot, so after couple of negative experiences with local men girls start to think that their soul mate does not have to live in the same city or even country. One more thing is that international and intercultural marriages have proved to be really strong. The difficulties that people must overcome makes their relationship better and there is always the process of learning about each other language, country and culture.

As it looks to us the chances for a man to find a wife in Ukraine are high, providing that he uses a reputable agency that personally knows the girls and can actually see what is the girl like in real life. Of course agency can’t make a decision for you, but the assistance that offered to the clients can be extremely useful.

There are really many nice and real girls, who are not models but they are naturally attractive, they want to have nice life, but money is not the most important thing for them, they have and like their jobs, but don’t put the career first priority in life.

It is really possible to find a good Russian girl and marry her, there’s just one advice for your marriage:

You must love you wife just as you love yourself and respect her more than yourself. Babel Talmud

“Love you wife just as you love yourself” is just retelling of commandment “love your close one as you love yourself”. Why did rabbis repeat the same commandment, as the wife is just another kind of “close one”? The Professor Kimmelman is explaining that love in often less noticeable marriage than in other relationship. At the party you can often hear people talking about their husbands and wives in the way, they would never allow to talk about their business partners (of course if they want to continue doing business with them). But if you ask a man: “Why are you saying such rough things about your wife?”, he will say: “Oh, she knows that I love her!”


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